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Access Over-The-Counter; Part III of III
with Special Guest Trinka Porrata, Project GHB

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This week:

  • As addicts flock to online & neighborhood pharmacies to buy over-the-counter products that contain GBL(Gamma-Butyrolactone), a precursor to GHB (the date-rape drug), some retailers have cut them off at the pass. Other's put the product on sale and hang out the "Welcome" sign! Find out what you can do about it and how to contact those who put profits over consumer safety (below).

  • What would make a successful CEO or dutiful, loving grandfather turn to GHB? Anti-aging, a better sex life, a better body and more restful sleep -- these are just some of the claims that lure otherwise health-conscious adults into the dark world of GHB abuse with products that appear "natural" and good for you.

  • Special K -- Ketamine, that is... for a ride you may never recover from.

Shortly after this series began, we learned that GBL (an analog to GHB) was available (legally) over-the-counter in some nail polish removers; products that had no added value over other leading and well known brands. Furthermore, we learned how in some cases, even the novice addict could process the liquid to acquire pure GHB or simply drink the contents straight for the purpose of getting high, or worse -- use it to commit crimes against others, such as rape.

Law enforcement officers, addiction recovery advocates and family members of addicts have done their best to educate retail managers to the dangers of these products, and in November 2003, a voluntary recall campaign was begun to remove these products from retail shelves.

Some, like Walgreen's, responded -- removing the product from their online stores initially and from all stores by January of this year. Brook's Pharmacy followed suit.

The Patient's Voice added its voice to this important campaign and on March 16, 2004, was informed by CVS Pharmacies that they would be pulling these products from their 4200 stores. But some continue to ignore a growing body of evidence that points directly to their stores as a point of sale prior to devastating consequences. Some continue to disregard public safety and breech consumer confidence as males purchase these products in large quantities online, or buy everything off their shelves, asking, "When's the next shipment due?"

If there's a reasonable explanation, I have yet to hear it. As a woman, I'm angered that a perpetrator of rape can buy his liquid partner in crime for $5 at Rite Aid or Duane Reade and slip it into my drink on the rare occasion that I actually get a night out. As a mother, the same outrages me even further. As an advocate for those who watch their loved ones slip away due to GBL/GHB addiction, I simply cannot accept the status quo.

The following is a list of those retailers who have stepped up to the plate for you and your children, as well as those who have not:

Your Pro-Consumer Advocates (Voluntarily Removed GBL Products ):

Walgreen's, Brooks Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacies

Confirmed not to carry products containing GBL

Walmart , Eckerds

Please take a moment to tell their managers "THANK YOU" the next time you visit their stores!


Retail Stores that were/are known to carry products containing GBL, but have to date, declined to comment and/or continue to sell these dangerous products include:

(Please let these companies know how you feel about these products! Simply type "GBL Polish Removers" in the subject line of your email and the words "TAKE IT OFF!" in the body of your text. Thank you!)

Rite Aid

Duane Reade


As additional retailers are confirmed (to have product) and contacted, we will update this list based upon their decision to participate (or not) in this important voluntary recall process.

We urge you to join us and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!


Access Over-The-Counter; Part II of III
with Special Guest Trinka Porrata, Project GHB

GHB -- Over the Counter Highs and Rape
What your daughter (or son) may not be telling you about their nail care products

micClick on mic for audio interview with Trinka Porrata

At the time of this interview, efforts were underway to have a particular product removed from store shelves due to the inclusion of a dangerous GHB precursor. Since that time, three new products have surfaced in retail outlets and must be aggressively pursued for removal.

Part III of this important series will feature ways in which you can help eliminate these outrageous products and take them out of the hands of children, as well as perpetrators of crimes against women.


Access Over-The-Counter; Part I of III
with Special Guest Trinka Porrata, Project GHB

Over-The-Counter Cough & Cold Meds and Products That Contain GHB (the date-rape drug) -- The New Drugs of Choice

The schoolyard dealers and the drug connection on the street has a new competitor -- the family medicine cabinet. In many cases, you, the parent, have become that new and unsuspected dealer as you purchase, without question, common cough and cold medicines, as well as, other household products that are used today by teens for the sole purpose of getting high. 

In this, the first of an important three-part series, we'll explore these deadly and easily accessible products, and the added risk of mixing prescription drugs -- the trends, the risks and what you must be aware of and alert to. 

Learn what your daughter (or son) might not be telling you about their nail care products, or how your air freshener's propellant could kill more than lingering household odors!

To ignore this show is to risk your child to unthinkable consequences.

Bio of our guest, Trinka Porrata

Currently working nationwide and internationally as a private consultant, providing instruction, legislative support and expert testimony regarding various drug issues, especially GHB, ketamine, flunitrazepam, LSD and MDMA, drug-facilitated sexual assaults and the rave phenomenon, Trinka is a veteran detective of the Los Angeles Police Department, Narcotics Division. read more...

For More Information

For more information about common over-the-counter cough & cold products of abuse and other easily accessible household products of abuse, please visit Project GHB at:

Learn about Project GHB's educational Power Point Presentation, available to schools and other youth organizations at:







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